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Teddy Bears




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Bavarian Teddy Bear Boy, 16.5 inches
Product ID: sk001735B


This lovely bear with its scruffy looking fur is fully jointed. We dressed him with a HAND KNITTED Bavarian outfit. The pants have suspenders and are modeled after the traditional Lederhosen. The jacket looks like the traditional knitted jackets with its contrasting trim and detailed buttons. The outfit is easy to take off as the knit is stretchy, which makes it suitable for kids.

Currently only available with the more traditional green trim (picture shows red trim).

Price: US$45.95
Out of Stock

Polar Bear Sitting w/blue sweater and scarf - Willy-Winter
Product ID: sk001760


Dressed in a cozy blue sweater, scarf and toque, "Willy Winter" has soft shag-type fur, and suede-like paws. His winter fur will stay glistening white for many years as he is machine washable (at warm temperature).

With heavier filling in the legs and bottom, this bear is designed to sit up straight.

Available in the sizes 13.5 inch (34cm), 18.1 inch (46 cm) and 23.6 inch (60cm).
Price: US$24.95

Teddy Bear in Blue Jeans - Ronny
Product ID: sk011133


Ronny has rich caramel colored fur and wears cool denim overalls with plaid pockets and trim. He also wears a cozy deep turquoise knit jacket. The jacket is lined with blue cotton. This teddy bear is very decorative and fun to play with.
Available in the sizes 11.6 inches and 15.2 inches.
Price: US$30.00

Teddy Bear Girl, dressed 11.2 inches - Pazy
Product ID: sk011138f


Sam & Pazy have soft creamy white fur. Sam wears a brown knit sweater with red and green plaid pants. Pazy wears a red and green plaid dress trimmed with ruffles and a brown cardigan that closes with a sweet wooden button.
Price: US$23.00

Teddy Bear Boy, dressed 11.2 inches - Sam
Product ID: sk011138m


Sam & Pazy have soft creamy white fur. Sam wears a brown knit sweater with red and green plaid pants. Pazy wears a red and green plaid dress trimmed with ruffles and a brown cardigan that closes with a sweet wooden button.
Price: US$23.00

Teddy Bear with Hat, 15.5 inches - Bonny
Product ID: sk011152


Bonny is absolutely fabulous in a big checkered bow and a floppy blue hat adorned with roses! Her fur is a caramel color.


Price: US$34.95

Teddy Bear dressed with Hooded Jacket - Frodo
Product ID: sk011162


Frodo, who has a cute scruffy face, is clad in a slate blue fully lined coat with a hood and golden wood toggles to complete the look.
Available in the sizes 13.2 inches and 15.2 inches.
Price: US$29.50

Novelty Teddy Bear lying, 8 inches - Marvin
Product ID: sk011178


Marvin's face is tilted upwards to expose his content expression. Marvin is truly a novelty teddy bear!
This style is very popular with youngsters because it is soft; pillow like and easy to hold on to.
Price: US$5.95

Novelty Teddy Bear dressed in stripped jumper - Barny
Product ID: sk011221


Barny is adorable in his red stripped jumper. He has playfully big ears and head, a big black nose and deep cinnamon colored fur.
Available in the sizes 9.2 inches and 13 inches.

See also the marvelous Barny accessories! Just enter "Barny" in the search field!

Price: US$8.95

Good Night Teddy Bear in Pajamas, posable, jointed, 10.2 inches
Product ID: sk01245


Our good night teddy bear, with his big black nose, is dressed in striped pajamas with heart buttons, and a star spangled night cap. Available in a 10.2 inch size.
Price: US$19.95

Bavarian Teddy Bear Girl
Product ID: sk01393


This teddy bear is fully jointed and wears a Bavarian style dress. The dress has lots of special details and is embellished with Edelweiss buttons. The size of the bear is 9.8 inches.
Price: US$29.95

Teddy Bear dressed in Overalls, posable, jointed - Traudy
Product ID: sk01401


Traudy is a chocolate colored teddy bear with silky fur (dark brown, darker than in the pic). She is of considerable weight, and has flexible limbs. She looks smart in her detailed linen overalls, with a front pocket. And she is always smiling.

You need to hold  this bear to appreciate it. 

Available in the sizes 8.5 inches, 12.6 inches and 15.7 inches.

Price: US$9.75

Novelty Teddy Bear sitting - Sleepy Max
Product ID: sk01683


Sleepy Max's PJ's and booties can come off. Sleepy Max is truly a novelty teddy bear!
Available in the sizes 9.4 inches and 15.7 inches.
Price: US$8.55

Bridal Teddy Bears Bride & Groom, 24 inches
Product ID: sk01754


Our beautiful Wedding Bears capture the joy and romance of that special day. The bride looks lovely in a gorgeous satin white dress with delicate lace trimmings and a flowing lace veil. The groom is handsome in his classy satin tuxedo and elegant top hat.
One great price for both bears, Bride & Groom!

Available in the size 23.5 inches (60 cm).

Make these wedding bears a part of the celebration! They make a wonderful alternative to traditional shower or wedding gifts and will remind the happy couple of their big day for many years to come.

Price: US$64.95

Teddy Bear with Sweater - Elias
Product ID: sk01782


Elias is sweet and extremely soft, with an adorable rounded face. He wears a trendy stripped pullover in a synthetic knit. Elias is truly a novelty teddy bear!

Available in the size 12.6 inches.

Price: US$19.25

Teddy Bear w/Backpack, posable, jointed - Aaron
Product ID: sk01789


Aaron's fur is dark cinnamon. He is fully jointed and carries a two-colored backpack.
Available in the sizes 11 inches, 14.6 inches and 17.3 inches.
Price: US$15.95


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